HS2 to go ahead

Today will see the government announce plans to build HS2 between London and Birmingham. Whilst details will be trickling out all day, it is expected that the route will include: loads of tunnels to protect areas of the countryside that would otherwise be adversely affected; link to HS1; links to Heathrow; allow train speeds of up to 255 mph/360 kmh; new, extended tunnels, and the odd viaduct; phase 1 to be completed by 2026.

Phase 2, from Birmingham to Manchester, Leeds and the North East, will start consultation in 2014, with a decision to be made on the route made later that year.


I am not going to get in to the politics of this; however, the sooner they start building this the better, and phase 2 should also begin work sooner rather than later. I also believe that Glasgow – Edinburgh – Newcastle high speed should be considered since this should also bring immediate construction and infrastructure jobs to the North. Hopefully the new tunnels won’t have the same wobble effect on the trains running through them as HS1 has on the Hitachi trains running along it.

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Light Rail – Manchester and Jerusalem

Manchester, UK

First off, it was announced today that Manchester is to get 500million in funding towards the tram system that is being built in the city/area. This will be a long term funding loan (at low interest rates) to help run the system over the next 30 years. The Independent I must admit I’m quite impressed with the way the system has developed, it seems like a long time ago I was there when it first opened (it actually has been a long time), and since then they have added more routes and are now extending out to the airport. Metrolink Its really good to see this network actually being expanded, used and relatively successful. A model project for the UK perhaps.


Jerusalem Light Rail

A rather impressive light rail system that runs through the city has been catching my eye this week. Firstly, I’ve no idea how I missed this project, but thanks to a number of articles and an eMail I’ve been catching up. The system uses the very impressive looking Alstom Citadis units and runs almost 14km almost diagonally West to East. There are plenty of plans for expansion for the system, including a rapid bus transit system. Its always good to read about new systems and one day, you never know, I might actually make it out to see them some day (hence the lack of photos).

London Crossrail to go ahead

Could it finally be happening, and just in time for 2012. More amazingly, could something useful finally be happening to make it easier for people to travel, and in the UK!

clipped from uk.news.yahoo.com
The green light for the long-delayed Crossrail project is finally expected.
The Government is likely to give the go-ahead for the much-anticipated �16 billion cross-London transport scheme.
Crossrail will interchange with 10 Tube lines and will extend beyond the Isle of Dogs to Abbey Wood in its south London spur.
One of the organisations strongly behind the scheme is the business group London First, which believes that Crossrail can seriously reduce the congestion that is currently costing the capital around �1.6 billion a year.

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