More talk of new UK lines

Yet more talk about planning new high-speed rail lines in the UK. Why don’t they stop talking and build, the 2012 Olympics are getting closer and the UK needs to benefit from this, not just London…

Rail bosses are to look at the possibility of building five new high-speed main lines as part of a review of the network’s future, Network Rail said.
Network Rail said it was to commission a study which would look into the feasibility of new lines along the UK’s busiest routes in what would amount to the largest track build since the 19th century.
The review, which will be announced on Monday, will also assess the need for high speed trains similar to the French TGV to cope with Britain’s growing number of rail users.

Question is: will they really bring TGV to UK or just look at France and say “That’s nice”. One thing that did strike me looking at the BBC article is that the routes are primarily focused on connecting the rest of the UK with London with little thought put in to cross-country routes – say linking Edinburgh and Glasgow, even going North in Scotland, or even connecting Birmingham with Bristol as an easier way of going North-South. This is one of those issues in France, you need to travel to Paris if you want TGV from the South West to South East Bordeuax to Marseille; whilst this is being rectified, someone else has made this “mistake” so maybe the UK should learn. Then again it is the feasibility of doing such cross country routes, are they actually used.