16mm Garden Railway

The Garden Railway
Why 16mm?
I’m not sure how this cam about. I’d always wanted to have a 5″ scale railway round the garden and always hoped for 7 1/4″ scale. In the end it turned out that I decided to go for a smaller scale, 16mm to be exact.
As with most people who decide to go for this scale, it all came down to space, that combined with ambitions that would have required me to have a small estate somewhere in the countryside to achieve the same thing in – not that this is a bad idea, but this plan would require me to settle in one place for more than two years, something that would appear to be not the case at the moment.
This last point (not being in one place for long enough),  is probably the most important factor of all: lifestyle is one of moving about a lot, so if I want a garden railway of sorts it needs to be suitable to be moved. No doubt sooner or later we’ll settle somewhere, but for now I also need portability – stuff everything in a box and move it.
In these pages I intend to share the progress of this project, and hopefully inspire. I’m totally new to garden railways, and live steam railways for that matter (i.e. having my own live steam loco).