Maglev in Japan

Maglev route (new in red, existing in blue)

After years of planning and testing and goodness alone knows what else, the Japanese government has given the green light for the Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka maglev line to be built. Whilst the whole line will not be completed until 2045 (blimey I might be still around by then) the first phase between Tokyo and Nagoya should be open by 2027. The journey time along the whole route will be one hour, so I guess between Tokyo and Nagoya will about around 35minutes. The current route takes around 1hr 43 min.

Does this mean that Nagoya becomes a suburb of Tokyo? I doubt it but with that kind of timing you wonder how many trains they will need for this route, probably two with a spare one just in case, and run half hourly services. I’d love to see the project just kick off from Tokyo and Osaka and meet in the middle (so it completes a lot sooner), but this is still amazing news. We will wait and see.

ENS Newswire (via Inhabitat)