Return ticket

After almost two years of being located at I have decided to return back to for no other reason than I don’t see the point in maintaining and managing my own blog, let someone else do it.  I will have be migrated all my posts over to this site and slowly closing down the other, but this will probably be seamless. This is not to say that there will be any increased frequency in posts, just back to “normal”. As part of this move I will be migrating the railway photos to Flickr which will happen over time.

If all things work out then the transfer should be quite smooth (maybe the odd photo missing), but the RSS feeds will be automatically transferred. The main reason for this is seeing the value in using “social” sites rather than something that is on the periphery – plus the iPad version looks awesome. I am not a pro-blogger and so do not see the need for a totally separate site, certainly not from a vanity perspective:)

Update any bookmarks to