Still here

I have been in the process of moving from US to UK and am sitting in the middle of boxes right now. Sorry this isn’t much of an update or anything, but I did manage to get some video of Ffestiniog Railway covered in snow. It was really cold even for what I am used to, but despite all the chaos that the snow brought to the UK the Ffestiniog Railway managed to keep going with the Santa specials. The only thing that didn’t keep going was my camera, I had the perfect shot all lined up (lighting was perfect) and the thing just gave up (battery issue), its the one that got away.

I am currently in the process of trying to get some video together from my journey in to London which is currently (for the next six months at least) via the Southern High Speed rail service to St Pancras. Really is quite impressive and pretty much packed during the rush hours at either end of the day. During the day isn’t so hectic and you can at least watch the world go by and have a seat to yourself. Despite the severe shaking when it goes through a tunnel (never experienced this on the many times I took the ICE in Germany) it is quite an impressive service cutting around an hour of the journey if I took the regular train in to central London.