Warsaw Metro gets BMWs

By 2012 these Siemens Inspiro Metro units designed by BMW DesignWorksUSA will be running somewhere on the Warsaw Metro system. The contract for 35 six-car underground trains was awarded to the German-Polish consortium of Siemens and rolling stock manufacturer Newag back in October 2010 beating a rival (Czech) Skoda and (Russian) Wagonmash bid. The units will mostly be used on a new line (Line 2) with around 15 being used to support the existing Line 1

The units will be 97.5% recyclable and feature illuminated hand rails in the shape of a tree. The construction will be shared between Siemens in Germany, building the first 10 units, and Newag in Poland building the remaining units. By the looks of the artwork it will also feature plenty of glass and standing space but most reports seem to focus on the tree design.

Warsaw’s current metro line covers a distance of 23 km (14 miles) and began opperation in 1995 running north to south on the west side of the city. The second line will run on a east-west route providing the east side and extreme west side of the city with metro access plus connections to the existing line. The first phase of this new project started in 2010 and whilst originally expected to be completed by 2012 (in time for the European Football tournament being held in the country during that year) the line is reported to be more realistically completed by 2014.