New Projects – South Africa, Thailand, Iran

It should come as any surprise that China is exporting it’s high speed rail building expertise to other parts of the world.

The Bangkok post is reporting that government level meetings are taking place to discuss and outline high speed routes around Thailand. These projects will be joint Thailand-Chinese funded projects with ownership equally split between the two. Whether or not Thailand opts to use maglev systems remains to be seen.

Elsewhere, Chinese construction company China Railway Group has had early discussions with South African companies with a view to undertaking railway projects in the country. It was stressed that these are preliminary discussions; however, there is a need to build the line between Jo’burg and Durban. South Africa already has it’s  first high speed Gautrain running between Pretoria and Jo’burg, albeit only running at 160 km/h (faster than my commute anyway). High speed rail is taking over the world, at last.

It has also been reported that a Chinese construction company has signed a deal to build a line from Tehran to the town of Khosravi, a distance of around 360km. Speculation is rife that this is one of the many pieces of a new rail system the links China to the rest of Asia, Middle East and Europe.