British HSR

If, by some miracle, the UK gets a modest network of High Speed lines then surely it is about time the UK grabbed back some of the proud heritage it has lost over the last few decades when it comes to locomotive design and manufacture. Surely then a design for a sleek high speed trains that makes even the J-500 series look boxy by comparison is the way to go. I certainly think so, but then I am being biased.

The design house Priestmangoode has come up with designs for a high speed train that is positively exciting, sleek, ultra advanced, futuristic; even the idea of providing airline style business class seating is a kick in the teeth for those who are questioning why first class is even needed on trains. Time to put the UK back on the map of train leaders. This is how it should be people, instead of whining about having a railway line in your back garden you should be protesting in the streets as to why this hasn’t already been built and why it isn’t using Great British engineering and design! (nationalistic rant over).