Average rail speeds in Europe

An article in the Norwegian online journal The Foreigner bemoans the state of Norway’s railway system and how the railway revolution being experienced in various parts of Europe seems to be passing Norway. What is more interesting is the league table of average train speeds across Europe both in terms of direct routes (point A to point B) and indirect routes (point A to B with a change at C). It is, maybe, unsurprising that France, Italy and Spain share the top three places; I found that the UK in number four was the most interesting position, especially when it is well ahead of Germany. In contrast, France manages almost 94 km/h faster average than the UK, and 103 km/h faster than Germany.

Direct trains, average speed
1. France 227 km/h
2. Italy 171 km/h
3. Spain 171 km/h
4. UK 133 km/h
5. Sweden 132 km/h