Stuck in Prague

It was only supposed to be a few days, but this short trip has now doubled in length and us likely to get longer.

If ever there was an argument to improve rail travel even more it is when situations like this arise. True that volcanoes do not erupt on a regular basis, at least not often enough to completely close down European airspace at least once a year; however, a reliance on just air travel to get around is an unsafe hazard to the modern world.

Europe’s railways are full. For many it is the only way to get home. EuroStar to and from UK is booked three (now probably more) days in advance, extra capacity simply isn’t available, although they are adding extra trains to the schedules. Getting from Prague to Germany is slow and tedious, but once there it would just take 6hours to London from Nürnberg – if you can secure as reservation. At least people can get around, but it could be better.

One interesting observation is that, even though the rail systems have been used beyond capacity, even Eurostar hasn’t reported any breakdowns or issues that would hinder progress.

Until Saturday I am stranded in Prague; however, making the most of my time and seeing as much new stuff as possible.