Day Return to Singapore please

The Telegraph (and others) is reporting that plans are underway to develop a trans-Asia high speed line that would connect China to South East Asia and additionally across Russia to Germany. The upshot of this is that you could board the train in London and take the train to Singapore, roughly a three day journey. Practicalities aside, in one bold leap for imagination this gives all the countries involved domestic high-speed systems that then connect to their immediate neighbours, giving you pan-continental high speed systems. The article states that these proposals were initiated by countries that would ultimately gain from such a developent such as India, which will essentially dove-tail into existing intentions within each of the countries involved to develop their rail systems.  With China’s ambitious plans for its own high speed network covering some 19000 miles/30000 km extending the system through to Europe via India, and then down to Singapore via all the countries inbetween is a logical extension and creates a huge market for Chinese high speed rail development and construction. The most amazing point is made in the first paragraph…

China is in negotiations to build a high-speed rail network to India and Europe with trains that capable of running at over 200mph within the next ten years

Within this same time frame the UK might have it’s second high speed line, and the US might have something under construction.
Updated: This story is creating some buzz around the net with more and more news sources reporting on this; some suggest that the network might be completed in 15 years time, others a little longer. Australian news org, Sydney Morning Herald, is also using this story to ask when Australia will get in on the act.