High Speed Week

_45852668_javelin_train_paMonday, 14 Dec 2009 marks the day that the UK got it’s first full high-speed commuter service running from London St Pancras to the South-East of England. At the same time the government announced that a 20billion infrastructure investment would be made over the next few years and by the end of March 2010 they would announce plans for the next North-South high speed rail line. The Guardian

The eco design blog Inhabitat has also been running an article on the new service and is one of the few sources I’ve seen that has shown an overview of the routes affected by this new service. The hope is that such a service will act as the catalyst to a new dawn in high speed rail in the UK – Inhabitat

Sunday, 13 Dec 2009 saw the opening of the of the new Amsterdam-Brussels high speed line – which seemed to take ages to build, it was in progress when I lived there (NRC). Sunday also saw the first Thalys train service from Paris to Koln which will see a reduction in journey time of 36 minutes; plus the Rome to Milan high speed line was opened allowing trains to reach a speed of 360 km/h and making the journey in just 2h 45m – The Independent | Daily Mail