Various rail news items

Various is probably too generic, maybe I should say all that all the following news items have one topic is common: high speed rail. There is another element that is common to all these stories: when considered together they can make a bigger argument towards the implementation of high speed rail in any country currently considering creating such a network, in particular the economic stimulus that such projects can bring – especially in the US; I am not convinced that the US can afford to let such projects just fall away, for a start if the US stipulates that manufacturing and building is done primarily by US workers then this is an instant boost to the job market and economy, but one that should also last for the long term:

  • Wall Street Journal – this story centres on the new Moscow to St Petersburg high speed line, but the broader vision is how the global economy is being boosted by the creation of such projects.
  • Business Week – How high speed rail is out muscling air travel in Spain.
  • Kent Online – how the arrival of the high speed line in the South East of England is helping to boost house prices.