Dubai Metro

Dubai Metro - Photo by Danny McL (Flickr)

Dubai’s Metro system, when completed, will be the world’s longest automated metro. There will be around 320km of track on the entire system when it is completed in 2020. It was the first metro network in the Gulf’s Arab States.

The Dubai Metro opened on 10 September 2009 with an official run. It look around three years to construct the first phase and the route takes up 70km. Currently there are two lines, red and green, with a further three lines planned (purple, blue and yellow) plus extensions to the existing two lines. The metro also has a connection to the Palm Jumeirah Monorail. It is most certainly on my “places I need to visit if I am writing about it” list. Also, see news updates below

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Dubai Metro - Artist Rendering

September 10 2009 – News

Green Line – 03 August 2010

The green line extension, expected to open in Aug 2011, is currently progressing well and the fully automated, driverless trains will have 76km of track to run on according to Gulf News.

Meanwhile Emirate (airlines) has added self check in systems at three stations on the metro. The check in will allow passengers greater access to information relating to their checkin time at more convenient location – Opodo

News Update: 13 April 2011

Emirates 24/7 is reporting that Dubai’s metro system is on track to cover more than 250km from its current 75km. The ultimate aim will be to  connect Dubai International Airport with Al Maktoum International Airport in Jebel Ali; however, it is not yet decided which of the two Metro lines will connect the two airports. The Green line is still on track to be open at the end of the year.