Human Powered Monorail

Schweeb Monorail

Schweeb Monorail

Not one to knock new innovations before they are even given a chance to work, I am not wholely convinced that sitting in a perspex tube and peddling around in the sun is such a great idea. Yes, I know you could cover the roof over or add some photo-reactive covers to the outside, it does look somewhat in inhumane.

Having said that the idea of self powered transport that would not only provide a great view of the places you are going round, and the fact you’re getting some excercise at the same time is something that must be said is going in the right direction.

Whether or not there will ever be networks of these things going from the suburbs to downtown remains to be seen, and I am somewhat torn between wanting something to work because I like the idea and the cold realities of life that will probably confine this concept to a niche market, or nothing more than a curiosity. Good luck to them.

Schweeb [via Inhabitat]