Productive Day/weekend, and SP 4449

SP 4449

SP 4449

Saturday afternoon was spent waiting to see the steam locomotive SP 4449 passing through the local railroad station. I must admit that I was there for almost two hours waiting for the thing to make an appearance – and when it did it was all of 3 minutes from showing itself to disappearing. However, I managed to make the best of the time by taking some video of various traffic passing through, plus the steam locomotive hurtling through. The irony is that after waiting for (what seems like) ages, some dope pops his head right in front of the camera hence the long shot had to be cut halfway through.

In fact it was probably more like a productive weekend; on Sunday I went to the diesel weekend at the Illinois Railroad Museum and took some footage of the units that were on display. Both of these videos are in HD

21-07-2009 18-31-58

I have also uploaded a new collection of photos taken from the Illinois Railroad Museum during day two of the Diesel Days