Sorry, not much time to write anything at the moment – and there would have been more if WP hadn’t decided to kill off the post before I finished it; in fact this is now the fourth time I have tried to update it. Anyway, here is a list of articles I have found in the last few days/weeks:

  • Prague Metro ends in a field – they spent so much money on hoping Olympics would find their field attractive, now the metro schedule is reduced and appeals more to gophers than the paying public
  • Electric dreams – are sweet dreams made of electrification, or are we all just dreaming of a network that promises much more than we get now
  • 20 Million pounds for a railway station – money well spent on serving one train a day, the French having a laugh at the expense of the UK tax payer
  • A funny thing happened on the way home yesterday – except, of course, it wasn’t funny, more a case of questioning how the train could derail. From what I could see the railway just collapsed.