Horse drawn trams causing problems in Prague

Prague has a problem. It has been spending millions of EUR on upgrading its tram system by laying new lines and improving the tram stops. The finished lines look good – it is about time since the communist era lines and tram stops look like something from a 1950s propaganda film all about the worker’s paradise and not really much had changed since that time. The lines are straight, the track bed is flat, the ride is smooth. Everything looks good, except for the horse drawn trams.

The problem is that when they renewed the tram lines the standards that they built the lines to were more in standards set when the trams were horse drawn. When Prague bought new trams (the Porsche designed 14T), the lines started experiencing problems associated with the increased weight of the modern tram. Now Prague is faced with two equally expensive choices: change all the tracks (again) to meet modern standards and change the wheels on all trams, or just keep things the way they are and keep repairing the lines for ever. The question is, why don’t they just bring back horse drawn trams (think of the roses), or build lighter trams. or why didn’t they really upgrade the track to higher standards in the first place. ho hum.