The next high-speed rail ink

China has started construction of the next high-speed rail line that will cover the 300km distance between Shanghai and Nanjing; it will take four years to build and when the line opens it will offer 24hour a day services between the two cities cutting the journey time to 74 mins from the current 120mins.

What I find amazing is that the services will be scheduled to be every three minutes during peak periods, this is roughly the same frequency that the metros are scheduled here in Prague except this will be on a high-speed. main line route.

In contrast I have been reading that the San Francisco to Los Angeles high-speed line might be in service by 2030; it will cover the distance of 550km in 2.5 hours with impressive average speeds of around 350km/h. However, China will be able to construct 75 km of track a year; the Californian line will be constructed an average of 27.5 km a year (on the assumption that the project goes ahead an starts in 2010). It is a pity it will take so long unless they can find a way to accelarate the construction method.