Euro 2008 Locomotives

Czech LocoWhat does the UEFA EURO 2008 football tournament have to do with railways? How else do the fans and football teams get around the two countries. Austrian State Railways (OBB) have painted 17 class 1116 locomotives (these locos have been recorded doing 357 km/h) in the national colours of the teams taking part in the tourament. OBB is playing a major part in the logistics, at least on the Austrian side, so these locos are helping to publicise OBB’s part in the organisation as well as pushing the event nationwide – at least for those who notice the new paint jobs.

If nothing else the locos look good and I hope that they remain in these colours for some time to come. On the OBB website you can even find out where in the country the locomotives currently are, and where they should be. The site has plenty of images, like the one above, as well as information about the services available during the tournament.