EMU Class 451

010049000385.jpgSome of these decaying EMUs (Electric Multiple Unit) have been repainted/re-branded; other than the fact that there are not enough of the double deckers to completely replace the old stock, some of these units are being re-built rather than being scrapped en-masse. These units are nothing more than bone shakers that have been in the (long) process of being phased out; they were quite radical for the time and still have a certain 60’s design flair to them. I have been trying to get a photo for some time of the re-spray, they do look good and probably the ride has been changed as a part of the re-build. A more graceful retirement.

One thought on “EMU Class 451

  1. The blue unit at the picture got the original colours it had as it got out of factory. It will be saved for the train museum, while the others will be scrapped, after being replaced by new CityElephants.

    Anyway the company aint have enough money to change the whole fleet of 5000 trains in a day, so they will be repainting the old boneshakers for years to come.

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