Condemned coach

116048000936.jpgIt would be unfair to say that all of Czech Railways coaches should be condemned since that would cast the net far too wide. It would be fair to say that the majority of coaches should be condemned, however, and if you believe the news items they soon will be.

Interestingly I have noticed that they are making huge efforts to ‘tart’ up their loco fleets, by this I mean a new paint job and generally keeping the locos clean. Talking of which, Czech Railways has split its Cargo division out into a separate entity. The upshot of this is a new logo (you just about make out the logo on the side of the loco above – click to enlarge), and a new paint job matching the branding scheme. Must admit the new colours make the locos really stand out and are better than the all-reds of DB and OBB.

I found an article showing off the new CD Cargo logo