Madrid to Barcelona at 300 km/h

avem.jpgThe high speed line between Madrid and Spain has started public operation. A distance of around 550 km, reaching speeds of 300 km/h, and taking around 2 hours 30 minutes, Spanish rail operator Renfe is the latest country (well, the second accoridng to my knowledge) that is using the German ICE 103 system to make the high speed journey.

  • The Times
  • BBC News
  • The Telegraph – which interestingly always takes a swipe at UK rail. Ironic since it is has been a staunch conservative paper and it is the Tories, during the 80s, that ensured UK rail died off, and who also canceled the APT project, that ultimately gave the Italians (Fiat) a lot of the tilting technology for their Pendolino.

I found the video, below and in Spanish, detailing the first day of the journey.