China High Speed Rail news

Looks like the first 300 km/h line in China has been completed, at least the rail construction has been. Few bits of tidying up and the trains will roll in time for Olympics. It will be interesting to see how the line is used – ferrying passengers in to Beijing I guess.
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High-speed rail on track for Olympics

The Beijing-Tianjin passenger railway Sunday completed laying its tracks, making it possible for the high-speed train to open as scheduled for the 2008 Summer Olympics.
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The People’s Daily Online is also running a story on the vision of the whole project. Its the first step in a major build project that will bring the journey times down by such a huge amount. However, having made the journey from Hong Kong to Beijing, via Shanghai, there is nothing that will come close to spending 36 hours on the train (from HK to Shanghai) and then 18 hours to Beijing. The food was amazing and the slower pace meant we could watch the world go by at a gentler pace.