Shanghai Maglev extension (?)

Couple of stories I missed out on relating to the Maglev in Shanghai. (On a totally different tangent, this route is certainly on the list of places to visit sooner rather than later). It looks like there are murmerings once again that the current Maglev line from the main international airport (Pudong) to somewhere close to the financial center will be extended to Hongqiao airport, 34 km away. This means the route will actually go somewhere useful and be long enough to make a huge difference with regards to convenience, time and generally a long trip. Not only that, the linking of the two airports (one would hope it would also include a stop over somewhere close to the center) is quite inspirational.

The Germans too are going to build a Maglev to the main railway station of Munich to Munich airport (very useful considering the current route is painfully slow and nothing special) it might even inspire other countries to do the same. It would be like the UK building a route between Gatwick and Heathrow via London City. This of course is pushing imagination to the limits. But anyway, good for those who live in Shanghai, at least they know their city is moving in a more exciting direction and has lots of potential.

The question is will Maglev ever be more than an impressive connection between cities and airports or will it ever be anything more. There are certainly plenty of plans but they are nothing more than plans on paper. The technology and projects are expensive. True, the greater the take up the lower the costs could be. The technology is also unknown and misunderstood by the general public and politicians. Until the costs can be lowered and attitudes change then maybe Maglev will only be connections to airports and nothing more. We will see.