Slovak Railways

This weekend I had to make a trip to Liptovsky Mikulas, central Slovakia, naturally, by rail. The trip is painfully slow (for the distance) – I will be adding a journey report at some point in the near future. The journey home was delayed by 30 mins, so it did afford me the time to take some photos. The light is rather challenging, however, the trains tend to be courteous enough to slow down through the station.

IMG_0621 Of particular interest are the Class 131 locos that pull most freight trains that go through central Slovakia (at least from my observations). These are, essentially, two separate locos, with only one end with a driver’s cab, that have been stuck together to form a “single” unit loco. The line from Liptovsky Mikulas is on the way to Poprad, high in the Tatras (Carpathians), and the incline is sufficient enough to require a bank-engine when freight wagons are full. I saw two sets of these locos going through the station hauling a full set of coal wagons, the bank-engine being a set of Class 131s.

The Slovak photo album, including a few more ZSSK Class 131s, can be found on FotoPic