First outing for faster Eurostar

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Eurostar is set to make its inaugural journey from Paris to London via a new 186mph (300km/h) high-speed line.
The train – carrying members of the media – will also arrive at St Pancras International station, instead of Waterloo, for the first time.
Richard Brown, chief executive of Eurostar, said: “Today marks Britain’s entry into the European high-speed rail club.

Eurostar train

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** Update ** Well, it looks like they did it, according to the BBC or an alternative view from The Guardian which interestingly mentions the “Two hour club” – those destinations within two hours (or so) from Paris. One point they do miss is that fact that the line will also be used by domestic services, so it will not just be a EuroStar, London->Paris/Brussels line.

The BBC, however, does have a more in depth look at the new route and what it is all about. Finally, there is the concept of High-speed rail in the UK, and the name of the route – high-speed one – does imply that they want to have more (I hope). Given that Germany only has two, true high-speed lines going at 300km/h, it puts the UK in a misleading light of almost being up with the best. It puts the UK still on the lower rung of the ladder, but at least on that ladder of countries with high-speed rail.