The impact of TGV on working life

Le Figaro is running two articles on the affect the TGV network is having on the working lives of people, to be more precise the affect that the TGV network is having on cities that connect to Paris via the network. These cities are effectively becoming "suburbs" of Paris. Even as far as Marseilles, people would prefer to live by the sea and "commute" to Paris.

I wonder whether the same would happen to other countries if they adopted high-speed rail networks. South East England, for example, would benefit a great deal – especially with the Olympics in London 2012 – if a high-speed network allowed for the de-centralisation or the spreading out of the urban catchment area, then this would only improve living standards. With the new high-speed rail line linking Nuremberg to Munich, the commute gets shorter and people have a choice of where to live if they work in Munich. It also means that work centers gain access to a larger work pool.

Le Figaro – translated via Google: