Czech Railways Museum

Sunday, 13 May 2007 – Czech Railways Museum, Lužné u Rakovníka.111041000262.jpg

103041000262.jpgFabulous day out. On five weekends of the yea, the museum organises a special weekend were they put on a steam hauled train going from Prague to the Museum at Luzna. This was the first such trip of the year, which is not only 1.5 hours total journey time, but also on-time according to the schedule. What amazed me is that they have so much faith in the engine that there isn’t a support diesel at the end of the train – probably because this is also not on main lines.

120041000262.jpgThe museum has a great collection of massive steam locos. Being used to UK steam engines, getting close to these mammoths is a great experience. The biggest, and best looking locos, were built by Skoda (yes, the same name as the car maker). Well worth a visit if you get the chance. The best part was having a double-header going back to Prague, at least on the gradient leaving Luzna. Fabulous noise. 122041000262.jpg

[Photo Collection for the day can be found here]

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