Czech Railways get new rolling stock

Well, it is about time they they did get new carriages. The double-decker “City Elephants” are great, but the rest of the carriages really need recycling. But it looks like the EU loves CD spending money within Europe…

The European Commission has decided today not to raise any objections to the aid scheme proposed by the Czech Republic to support its railway activities. The measure would contribute to the development of railway transport and is compatible with the proper functioning of the common market.

[Railway Market Magazine]

And talking of “City Elephants”, it looks like we are getting more…

Czech Transport Ministry representatives welcomed an EC decision on state guarantee for an Eurofima EUR30m loan to be provided to CD for purchase of new CityElefant commuter trains and high-speed engines that can be driving at a speed of up to 200 km per hour.

[Railway Market Magazine]

I suspect that the two stories are related, since 30M EUR is mentioned in both articles. The great thing for Czech Republic is that both these two orders should be with Skoda Holdings. Unless there is confirmation to the contary, then I’d suspect the 200km/h locos are the Porsche designed locos.

[EMU Class 471″City Elefant”] [Porsche Class 109E]