Sooner or later I had to add a “Railway” section. Whatever.

The French are building East, from Paris to Strasbourg and beyond the TGV line will knock hours of the travel time. I once took a train from Munich to Paris. It lasted forever. This should help solve that problem, except that I no longer live near Munich and don’t take a train to Paris.

The link is to the construction project page, and a video to the construction of the technical center. From this page

The 23,000 square metre workshop has been fitted out with cutting-edge infrastructure making it possible, for example, to carry out all maintenance operations on a single track without having to move the trainset. It will also be able to lift a TGV trainset 200 metres long and weighing 386 tonnes, as a unit, in just ten minutes!

I am going to take this opportunity to take a swipe at the UK. The railway infrastructure is crap, needs to be totally rebuilt and there is nothing to be proud about. It has nothing but excuses and lack of vision. The French, Germans and everyone else in Europe sees the railways as the way forward. Britain just keeps looking back and getting lost. Sort it out!

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