Manx Electric Railway

Today being Easter Sunday meant that there was a special event on the Manx Electric Railway; the special event being the use of No. 33 (open tram) hauling a Manx postal van from Douglas to Laxey. You will note that this photo shows the changes to Laxey station after the winter rebuild. In the background shows No. 7.



Crich Transport Museum

That was a bit of a shock, go in to YouTube and find that the channel is totally blank and you can’t see the videos you have been uploading for years. It looks like YouTube/Google were messing about.

Anyway, this is a video I shot at the Crich Transport Museum, Derbyshire, UK. This is quite an amazing place given the sheer range of trams they have available, not just static display but plenty of working examples. This was taken at the end of July 2013.

London Transport Museum

Today I took an afternoon off and decided to do the type of thing that you will not tend to do when working somewhere: be a tourist. It has been my objective for some time to visit the London Transport museum during its 150th anniversary of the London Underground, although it would suffice to visit at any other time also it seemed more appropriate to do it this year. Entrance is a rather steep £15 but this is effectively a season pass to visit as often as you’d like within 12 months of visiting.


Whilst it seems like there isn’t too much to see here it is probably well stocked with exhibits considering the size of the place; if you bother to read and digest everything on offer this is good for at least two hours. The time line is well presented and there is plenty to see throughout the history of any firm of transport within the city.


Of particular interest is the poster art exhibition showing off 150 years of posters in the underground, which you can conveniently but reproductions of in the shop afterwards.
Talking of which, this seems to be very well stocked with plenty of things you never knew you wanted and I managed to convince myself that I didn’t need anything – except for the Picadilly line badge which I did rather like. All in all this is worth a visit especially if I decide to visit again within the year that my entrance ticket is valid for.